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The Best Rheumatoid Arthritis Apps of 2016An App that Puts RA Tracking at Your Fingertips

MyRA App Features

Because your doctor needs to know how you're doing to treat your RA and help you feel better.
Track it
Measure what really matters to you, as often as you want.
See it
Get a visual snapshot of how your disease state changes over time.
Remember it
Have an accurate history to share with your doctor.

How Are You Feeling?

With MyRA, record how you’re feeling each day to develop a complete picture of your RA activity.

Take Notes

Customize your tracking experience by adding notes, photos and voice memos.

Tap to Track

Show MyRA where it hurts by tapping on corresponding parts of the body.

Record Your Pain

Use MyRA to track the severity of your pain over time.

Rate Activites

Measure how your RA is effecting various activities using a rating scale.

Patterns Emerge

The more you use MyRA, the clearer the patterns in your RA disease activity become.

30 or 90 Day Summaries

Easily see how joint pain, morning stiffness, fatigue, and daily functionality, compare and contrast over time.

Set Reminders

MyRA’s reminders make sure you don’t forget to track how you’re feeling daily.
The Big Picture
Track Joint Pain
Daily Tracking
Summaries & Reminders
App Screen

Partnering with your Doctor

Use your summary report as a memory aid and conversation starter with your physician.
  1. Review your history before your appointment.
  2. Use MyRA Summary Report to review your activity since your last visit.
  3. Use MyRA Summary Report to provide a more accurate answer to your doctor’s question, “How have you been doing?”

Ready to Meet MyRA?

Try the free MyRA app and start tracking your RA activity today.