Download the MyRA Mobile App Patient Brochure (PDF)

  • On which phones and operating systems is MyRA® available?
  • Are there any known issues in the Android version?
  • How much does the MyRA app cost?
  • Is the MyRA app just for RA patients?
  • Will you create a version of the MyRA app for patients with conditions other than RA?
  • Why did Crescendo Bioscience create the MyRA app?
  • How were the tracks in the MyRA app selected?
  • I would like to download MyRA on my iPad and I cannot find it in the app store. Can I download it on my iPad?
  • How can I print my MyRA summary report?
  • I am getting a new phone. How do I transfer the data I have in MyRA from my current phone to a new phone?
  • What is Vectra® DA?
  • The app doesn’t include something I track – how can I add it?
  • What data is transmitted to Crescendo – or anyone else?
  • How can I keep my data private & secure?
  • I have a suggestion / I found a bug – where do I submit this?

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