Help your Patients Effectively Manage their RA.

MyVectra App Features

The MyVectra app was developed with the input of both patients and physicians. MyVectra allows patients to track the following items.

Joint Pain


Big Picture

Morning Stiffness


Daily Functionality


Track it

There is a uniform color scheme throughout the summary and app. Cooler colors such as green or blue represent lower disease activity days, while warmer colors like yellow or red are reflective of more difficult days due to higher disease activity.

  • mild
  • moderate
  • severe
Get your Patients’ Report

The summary feature allows patient to print or email the report and bring it to their appointment with you. Patients can share a summary report of the tracked data with you. This allows you to have a conversation with them on how they have been doing since their last visit.

Partnering with your Doctor

Use your summary report as a memory aid and conversation starter with your physician.

  1. Review your history before your appointment.
  2. Use MyVectra Summary Report to review your activity since your last visit.
  3. Use MyVectra Summary Report to provide a more accurate answer to your doctor’s question, “How have you been doing?”

Ready to Meet MyVectra?

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