MyVectra App Tutorial

Install the App

First thing’s first, let’s install the MyVectra app.


On your iPhone or iPad, tap on the App Store icon.

On your Android device tap on the Play Store icon.

Important note, if you are using an iPad, make certain that you are searching for MyVectra among the iPhone Apps.

Note – You can also connect to the App Store via the following link:

If you have an Apple Device:

If you have an Android Device:


App Store Instructions (Apple):

Once the App Store is open, tap the ‘Search’ icon toward the bottom right of the screen.

Now type ‘MyVectra’ into the search bar.

Play Store Instructions (Android):

Once the Play Store is open, tap the ‘Search’ bar in the top of the screen and type ‘MyVectra’


The MyVectra app will appear in the search results.

Apple Device:
Tap the ‘FREE’ button to begin MyVectra download.

Android Device:
Find the MyVectra results in the Apps list, click on it and download from the resulting screen.

Ready to Meet MyVectra?

Try the free MyVectra app and start tracking your RA activity today.