Let’s Summarize Shall We?

The MyVectra Summary tab provides an overview of all the data you’ve been tracking in the last 30, 90 days or any date range.

Each Track has a Summary. For example, the screen on the left shows the high level Summary of all the Tracks.MyVectra uses a uniform color scheme throughout the app. Cooler colors such as green or blue represent lower disease activity days, while warmer colors like yellow or red are reflective of more difficult days due to higher disease activity. Therefore, you and your doctor will know how you have been doing with one quick glance.

The Joint Pain high-level summary displays the three most tracked joints.

Tap on Joint Pain to see a more detailed display of which joints were the most tapped. The size of the circles indicate the number of taps (e.g. larger circles mean more taps).

To obtain details about a specific date and see memos recorded on that date, tap on the list icon ( ). A paper clip icon ( ) indicates a voice, photo or text memo.